Franchise Registration Guide

Register your franchise without high legal fees. Fifteen U.S. states require you to register your franchise before offering it for sale. Though much of the process is the same in all states, there are significant differences. Franchise attorneys charge up to $10,000 to register your franchise in each one of these states. Our Franchise Registration Guide walks you through registration in each state that requires it— saving you significant time, money and frustration. Don't let paperwork slow you down. The states that require franchise registration are very particular about it. Forms must be submitted in a specific order, and some states may even reject your package (while keeping your filing fee) if your submission is deemed incomplete or incorrectly assembled. Why risk losing valuable time and money? Our guide gives you detailed, easy-to-follw instructions on each state's requirements. A preview of what to expect—from people who've been there. Besides providing you with all the necessary forms and instructions, our Franchise Registration Guide also gives you an insider's heads-up as to what to expect in each state that requires registration. We tell you which states to file in first (and why), how to best work with each state's registration agents, which software to use, and much more. See before you buy. Franchise Registration Guide Sample
California State Registration Guide Sample

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